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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 29, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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waldo, they configured your commute to four lane southbound direction. smooth sailing here . a bunch up and minor delay with the cash paying folks. no metering lights at this hour yet . slow out of antioch and bumper to bumper. hillcrest 15 minute driver to the concord area. i-880 an earlier problem in hayward and no problems now. there is the commute pass. kristin, eric? >> thank you very much. only on abc 7 news an exclusive interview with the wife of coach harbaugh. we talk to sarah harbaugh about the frenzy leading up to the super bowl. we'll go to katie live in new orleans. good morning, katie.
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>> good morning, eric. we are inside of daisy dukings. i haven't got to the breakfast yet. free refills on coffees and fillos bloody mary's guess who knew that? mike nicky, you guys ask him why . the coffee here is special, new orleans known for the hickory coffee and one of the more famous place system cafe dumon and crazy to go there and not get the beniet. even the harbaughs know that. our crew ran into jim and sarah harbaugh and the cafe with the kid and seeking out the delicious benyette. he waited decades to get one. jim, not so much. >> how were they? >> oh, my gosh, i dried to get here 35 years and they are worth it it was definitely
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worth the trip. yeah, it good. katie liked them, too. jim wants a hot dog. >> what is wrong with your husband? hot dog in new orleans when there is crawfish and jum balleta. >> he's vanilla and easy. that's the good thing. ♪ >> that is too funny. they let us back in the kitchen and you can see how they make those things. by the boat load deep fried and piled high with powdered sugar and really truly delicious. join me for breakfast in the next half hour. i will be ordering the special here in daysy dukes and it should be incredibly delicious . follow me on twitter, katie abc 7. i am posting the juicy stuff no pun intended.
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live in new orleans. abc 7 news. >> go get yourself a refill of coffee. >> we are retweeting at abc news bay area. sports director larry larry beil and sports director mike shumman and wayne freedman are in new orleans. you can see their reportos abc 7 news all weekend long. >> i don't know about endless refills. but back here in san francisco, bartenders are saying thanks but no thanks that bars stop serving rowdy patrons. >> back lash that on the mayor suggestion of banning booze on sunday and restrict here. here in the mission cocktails are the speciality . the menu is in the display. thanks for the advice, mayor but we'll serve cocktails come game day. it is their bread and butter
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and owners say suggesting that hard liquor sales is misguided. the mayor is not talking about prohibition but prevent the drunken violence after the giants won the world series. bar owners say it is their job to responsibly. >> you never serve someone who is drunk in the restaurant or bar. it is against the law. >> i am trying to start a conversation about social responsibility. people should know the limitation. as clint eastwood used to say. they ought to be cognizant that overindulgence in a cell braatory way is hurtful to communitis and to themselves. >> american beverage institute called it a ridiculous idea saying that the city should avoid demonizing a perfectly legal product. >> back in the bar that was
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established in 1858 by the way. the mayor is hoping for celebration with moderation. we notice that the bar is offering beer specials as well >> thank you very much. it is 6:06. it might get tougher to smoke in san francisco. supervisors will likely get final approval to the measures in the outdoor festivals and parades. event promoters have to spread the word. san francisco will be the first city to adopt the ban. supervisors decide whether the landlords must let renters know if smoking is allowed in the building. >> taking up issue of gun violence in sacramento. hancock, chair woman in the safety committee is holding a joint hearing with the senate and assembly at 9:00 this
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morning. among those scheduled to testify representatives was law enforce gun ownership rights organization. experts will demonstrate which fire arms are legal and illegal under california law. >> traffic and weather ticket next on the abc 7 morning newings. taking you for a live look outside . showing the bay and bay bridge in high definition. mike will tell us more about the changing temperatures coming up sue hall is monitoring the traffic. >> and a new arrest in a deadly night club fire in brazil. brazil. the latest person that) 3 days g
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>> good morn being, look at the water vapor. high pressure and the migration toward us. that means that the storm track is moving away and the warming trend is going to begin more likely tomorrow. today not bad. 50s to 60s and high cloud and sunshine. jumping deeper in the forecast. tomorrow mainly sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid-60s. thursday and friday, upper 60s. brightest days will be wednesday and thursday. high clouds will roam in the forecast. here's sue. >> thank you. going to san mateo. we have an accident. car versus the center divide. there is slow traffic and once the tow truck gets on the
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scene. san francisco, showing you on the abc app. ninth and brennan, a tow truck and car with injuris and sounds like someone was ejected from the car. it sounds like a sad and bad scene at ninth and branon with an overturned in the streets of san francisco. metering lights on in the bay bridge and trafficking is backing up. >> thank you. new this morning, four people have been arrested in the deadly brazil night club fire that killed more than 230 people. police arrested the promoter of the event. a bank member and co-owners of the club in custody following the tragedy. it is believed that yro technics was responsible for the fire. the sealing covered with foam that spread the flames. >> the new strategy companies
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are using this year to make a super bowl commercials more successful than ever. >> jc pennies made headlines when it said
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>> we are back with a look at your wind. oakland 3 miles per hour . west at 7 . northwest at santa rosa . look at the coast gusty in half moon bay and in the beaches that's where you will find the fastest winds. the winds are keeping the
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atmosphere overturned and the clean air is over us from alaska and will yield temperatures to 50s in the noon hours. enjoy, here is kristin. >> mike thank you so much. >> happening now. president obama is expected to leave the white house to travel to las vegas and that's ere he will lay out his vision for immigration reform. he is calling for a pathway citizenship for the illegal immigrants and more effective mechanisms for employers to verify a worker's status. it comes after a bipartisan group of workers created a frame work for 11 million people living here illegally in the u.s.. it happened today in washington d.c.. senate expected to confirm john kerry as secretary of state. confirmation hearings went well. president obama nominated the massachusetts senator to replace outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton.
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with kerry's confirmation all but assured. secretary clinton will officially leave her post at the state department by this friday. >> steve ballmer is distancing his group that is trying to buy the sacramento king and move to seattle. microsoft is not taking part in the group trying to buy the cimmings. ballmeris involved as a individual and not microsoft ceo. there was controversy when the state was asked to review the business relationship in microsoft in light of the potential move. >> one of the world's largest hotel chains is joining a campaign to repeal doma. the los angeles times report that is marriot international is joining aentnaand ebay and electronic art. marriot's executive chairman is a devout mormon.
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while he personally believes that marriage is between a man and woman, he believes he should not mix the views with the operatn of his business. the vice-president of marriot issued a statement. we are proud of long standing commitomit to diversit yeinclusion and equal treatment of all of our employees. >> hostess is moving forward with the liquidation of the assets. the parent company is bidder for the snack long. devil dog yod,irce ls . they expect to a lead bidder for the twinkie's brand. they are hoping to get one billion once the liquidation is complete. >> jc penny is bringing back sales. last year the department store chain banned weekly sales to change the shopper's habit
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instead they offered every day low prices. but the company stock lost half of its value . now jc pennies said sales will resume. no sales people are not buying. they are well trained. >> we show up for the sales . 6:18 now . look at the forecast. >> first thing you do. pumout the ads and see the sales. >> we have black friday and black monday and whatever it is. that sort of stuff. >> pink tuesday. i am not sure what you call it. >> you did all right. embarrass myself again. good morning, everybody . looking good up here on the set and hopefully everybody is feeling better and you at home know there is bugs going around . the weather is nice to be outside and get fresh air. it is breezy on top of the
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mountain . that breeze or those breezes are what brings in the cleanner air. we'll move on and talk about the radar and satellite. you can see the radar returns, there are not any. we have moisture in the form of ice crystals and that's what you are seeing there. there is a hallow around the moon and it was a beautiful sight . look beingalt the last three hours. not much going on the winds are coming in from the north . especially around nap a. and fairfield and livermore, everybody in the low to mid-40s. we have upper 30s to mid-40s in the monterey bay and inland. here are the free details about the forecast and fill in the blanks. breezy at the coast. and sunny day . clear and calm and coldest night tonight. it ll be mild all the way through the weekendment 60s.
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napa and monterey bay mid-to upper 50s and inland. for tonight. scattered frost just like this morning, mid-to upper 30s inland and mid-40s around the bay shore and coast. our storm track is moving slowly off to the east. it could bring snow to higher elevation and do it in utah and nevada and miss the sier a. they will be dry as we are. temperatures to the low to mid-60s all the way through super bowl sunday. here's sue. >> south of market in san francisco. an injury accident involving a pick up truck and car. apparently someone is trapped in the car. we are getting sketchy details about the nature of the injuries, very slow here and the intersection is blocked in ninth and branon in san francisco. there is a accident on the
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center divide. cleared to the shoulder and traffic is getting by nicely . 680 stall blocking the right lane. san mateo bridge traffic is getting busy and bunched up westward. kristin and eric. >> thank you. >> ahead bowl coverage continues live from new orleans including the best food the big easy has to offer. >> getting more bang for your buck. what makes a
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>> we look at our temperatures compared to average . oakland one degrees warmer at 60. here is a look at radar. you notice it is dry. no matter where you go. you will find sunshine and high clouds. upper 50s to 60s down south. mid-40s in the high country. kristin and eric. >> mike, thank you very much. it is 6:24 now. a world-famous stuntman is showing love to his home town. this is nick. he is in sarasota, florida and decided to do this stunt in his spare time. in an hour from now. he will cross a high wire over the freeway. he will be 180 feet above the
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ground and not wearing a harness. >> advertisers get more bang for their buck by putting ads on line before super bowl sunday. researchers said that ads running before super bowl got nine million views and game day they got 1.3 million. yesterday volkswagon and audi released the commercials. they say it makes sense. youtube is a bigger venue than the super bowl. the cost is four million dollars. half million more than last year. >> scam artist took advantage of a woman's love for the 49ers. she bought four tickets for $5900 off craig's list from a raven's fan. in the package mailed to the address.
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enjoy the game go ravens. lol. go ravens was written on envelopes and mailing labels. the woman hasn't reported the incident to the meas. >> the highway patrol called it a dangerous stunt. search taking place for the drivers who stopped traffic on i-880 for a side show . katie goes in search for the best food finds in the big easy. >> also coming up. a family is suing walnut creek police for the death of their son. find out what they say happened, coming up. >> sue hall in the traffic center. you can see the metering lights are on the in the bay plas a. traffic is backing to the overcrossing to the mcarthur mays and sluggish as you make your way in san francisco on the upper deck. checking in with the rest of your tuesday
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>> it is 6:29 on this tuesday. what a lovely wake up to the gorgeous live picture of the bay area. the sun about to rise in the east and the skies, just gorgeous. lined with a few clouds, but it is going to be a nice day. wake up, wake up. get out of the bed. i am kristen sze. >> and i am eric . i notice these things. >> i notice it was red bull. >> it is red and gold on everything. >> we do. >> good morning, everybody. eric noticed that the plane was below the clouds. these are high clouds made
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with ice crystals and they are gorgeous this morning. take pictures and post on facebook/mikenicco abc 7. we are waking up to low 50s . if you are in the bay and heading inland. minor frost. 34 right now. low to mid50s and sunny conditions at noon . in the coast we'll have breezy conditions once again. high cloud and sunshine and upper 40s to mid-50s. here is a look at traffic with sue. >> good morning, everyone. we have a couple of problem situations here. heav net east shore freeways in the mcarthur mayes. we saw the toll plasa. bunching up where 580 merges at 80 by golden gate field. we have a new accident on 580 westbound in isa bell in livermore area. it is slow in the pass.
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your drive now is 32 minutes westbound on 580. northbound at 680 in the pleasant ton area reports was an accident with no details. earlier an accident with a hot dog accident that was cleared for quite sometime and traffic in the hayward area moving nicely. kristin and eric? >> thank you. an east bay city facing a 15 million lawsuit from the family of the man police shot and killed. abc 7 news amy hollyfield joins us where it happened. >> the court documents gave us a new version of what happened in apartment building. family of 22 year old anthony banta junior who was a hair stylist said he was defening himself about what his roommate said about him. they were having an argument
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and the fight was over when the police arrived. police say he was arm wide a 10-inch knife and at the top of the stairs and started to charge down the stairs. the family has a new explanation. the family said one of the officers backed up inside of the apartment and tripped and fell and panic ensue that's when an officer fire the others joined in. the chief of police said no officer shoots to kill unless he is forced to. the roommates girlfriend called 911 on the twenth to come to creek side drive because the roommates were fighting . banta's family said it doesn't make sense that banta would not threaten the police. they filed a 15 million dollar lawsuit. live in walnut creek amy hollyfield abc news. >> an eight year old girl is recovering after being shot in
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a drive by shooting. she was standing with a groupev people when a car drove by and someone opened fire. the gunfire riddled the house with bullet holes and she was shot in the leg. no one else was hurt. the gunmen are still on the loose. >> it is media day for super bowl in new orleans. reporters get to meet with the niners and ravens and then after that. fans will have to eat. katie joins us with a taste of the big easy. thank goodness she is not rubbing it in. good morning, katie. sorry about that eric. why wait until after media day. breakfast is served. take a look. scrambled eggs and bacon biscuits and cheesy grits and i don't know how the fruit is here. someone trying to poison me . gravy on the side. i will not count that .
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this is only breakfast. this is lunch and dinner ahead. that is the tip of the iceberg as to the kind of food new orleans has to offer. your mouth may water in the words alone. red beans and cat fish and shrimp. rice for the beans and jum balaia and gravy for the gum bo. >> he knows the new orleans palate inside and out and he sells food to the restaurant. crawfish season coming in and you will see people eating crawfish. shrimp season pretty much year round . we are well into oyster season. grilled oysters is popular. >> sea food as far as the eye can see and so much more awaits the 49ers fans who see the team. >> i am from the bay area. >> and over a fried cat fish po boy. he now lives in burbank and in new orleans for work . can't hide his status as a 49er faithful. >> we are in the same hotel.
6:34 am
i purchased the hotel and they am're were coming in and out and they signed it. >> another fan from another state in florida. >> i always been a niners fan since joe montana and steve young. >> they are happy to host the niner fans and wouldn't mind if a concern player would stop by, too. >> we love cape -kaepernick. >> he is eye nice looking man. >> the crew got a sweet treat when jim harbaugh ceam by. it is a delicious example of what new orleans has to offer. >> fat free and low carb. >> yeah, fat freeway and low carb. i feel so guil eating the cheesy grits it is delicious. not going to take a bite on tv and embarrass myself.
6:35 am
but keep in mind, also this whole breakfast $3.99 and if that is too rich. 2.99 if you skip bacon and ham or sausage. media day ahead second time ever fans are allowed to go. it costs you $25 but you can be in the seats and watch the media activity down on the field. >> we'll head there next. abc sevennews. >> i didn't see the cheesy grits. show them to us again. by the way, yeah. there you go. >> and while you are doing that, there they are. she's yum. we'll retweet all of the updates for katie and the team. thanks, katie. sports director larry beil . sports director mike shumman and wayne freedman are also in new orleans. you can see their reportos abc
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7 news all week long. >> she better be bringing that back. >> traffic and weather next on the abc 7 morning newings. here is a live look outside. highway arey are photographic building and meteorologist mike nicco will look at your accu-weather forecast and sue hall for the abc 7 traffic . the bay area side show that is sparking outrage in the highway patrol. what officers are doing to find
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>> right now we will go to breaking news story. traffic accident involving a dump truck in san francisco. one person is trapped. >> abc 7 news reporter is live in ninth and blanon streets with more. we can see the police activity
6:39 am
there. >> it is a terrible accident in ninth and branon. a tow truck guided with the pick up truck the and the impact slam today into the side of the building here on ninth street. to the right you can see a trail of gasoline and that gasoline came from the pick up truck which careened off of the tow truck following the impact. it wound up in the corner of the parking lot, that is adjacent probably a hundred yards from where we are standing right now . jaws of life had to be brought in and both drivers had to be extraicated from the cabs was their vehicle. we don't know how it happened and we are waiting more information. we have talked to witnesses who say that the driver of the pick up may have been traveling at a high rate of speed and slammed in the tow truck and knocking it against
6:40 am
the side of the building. both are now taken out of the vehicles and sent to the hospital. we are waiting more information about how this came to be. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> cornel, thank you. >> california voters could decide if they want to -- sorry about that we should be going to traffic right now. sue? >> thank you eric and kristin. cop cars are blocking the intersection in bran none. there are no muni lines in that area. it is not affect in san francisco. for now avoid ninth and brannone while that police activity is going on. traffic is moving nicely across the hp pavillion. metering line bay area tollplas a. and we do have an accident west 580 in isa bell
6:41 am
in the livermore area and slow traffic out of tracey. 24 miles per hour in the ultimate pass. bit of a grind as usual. here's mike with a look at forecast. >> thank you very much, sue. here's a look at satellite radar. notice the bulk of colder air moving east. storm trek is over the rookies than over the sierra. we'll have mid-50s to 60 degrees . as we go forward. high pressure with a larger footprint on the wrair. we'll have total sunshine tomorrow and friday high clouds and sunshine. kristin, eric, >> thank you very much. >> ahead, the investigation underway after that side show on i-880 in oakland. >> look at the big board. dow is up nine points . that is going live to find out what is going on in
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>> good morning, 6:45 and time to check in with josh eliot for what is coming up on good morning america. >> good tuesday morning and the very latest on the break up murder trial. jodie's lawyer is set to begin their defense. later expected to argue that their client acted in self defense. will she take the stand? dan is here to weigh in on good morning america. >> chp said it is close to tracking down the drivers
6:45 am
behind a dangerous stunt on a busy freeway. they took video of cars doing do nut in oakland around 4:00 saturday afternoon. the video and others like it wer posted on line. the sound of events known as the side show was so loud it was heard from miles around. it doesn't mean they are in the clear. chp investigators have license plate numbers and working to identify more. >> marijuana advocates are preparing for another battle in the ballot box. sacramento said they will try to expand it beyond medical use. people were encouraged by the that colorado and washington. hoping to raise the ballot in 2016. >> super bowl spending by fans is on the rise. >> that is not by choice.
6:46 am
>> in the nation's biggest mortgage lender is wrapping up the home loans faster. jane is live in the new york stock exchange. >> hi, san francisco based wells fargo rewarded mortgage sales people for submitting loan apmiications. that will be information obtained by bloomburg. last year wells fargo took 60 days on average . faster than the smaller leners. we got word that home prices climbed up five and half percent compared to a year ago. we'll check on yahoo this morning. investors are responding to the annual increase. overall markets are looking quiet and the silicon valley index and trading pretty queetly .
6:47 am
boeing said battery packs could be helpful for boeing. how many fans are getting ready to celebrate super bowl. 197 million. that is up for 173 million last year. the average game watcher expected to spend $69 on the festivities that. is higher than last year. live from the new york stock exchange. i am jane king. >> before we go to mike, we want to bring you news just in reported by the associate press. transportation secretary ray lahood is going to leave. he is the last republican remaining in the cabinet. he will leave once his replacement is confirmed. >> common for the cabinet to shake up in the president's second term. >> 6:49 now. >> all right. a beautiful picture from the roof cam. look at wonderful colors. it is a colorful morn there you go. we drop time on you this
6:48 am
morning. looking at what is going on radar in the satellite. super imposed on top of each other . ice christials making for a beautiful morning and no need to worry about umbrell a. you can see the flow out of the north. it will be breezy in the beaches once again . if you are heading out. look at nap a. livermore and everybody else in low to mid-40s. we have upper 30s to low 40s just about everywhere in the bay . so mostly sunny and grab the sunglasses today and it will be breezy at the coast. you will need an extra layer. clear and cold tonight . mild afternoons that will hang out all the way through the weekend. we are close to average. 56 in san mateo . 60 in fairfield and nap a. and 61 in santa rosa . oakland at 60 .
6:49 am
55 in monterey . cool spot . the rest of the bay and inland upper 50s. tonight scattered frost inland . most reporting stations will be in the mid-to upper 30s. we'll be in the mid-30s around the bay. high pressure is starting to take over. clouds are sliding off to the east. that is where the next weather maker is in utah . we'll get more sunshine . dry weather all the way through the weekend. we'll look at the forecast. low to mid-60s. low 60s in the coast and mid-60s in the bay and inland . slight tapering of the temperatures . sunday and monday as high pressure moves off and ever so remote chance of rain on monday. here is sue keeping an eye on the morning. >> second accident in the hayward area. past 92 and just cleared . the damage is done. you will find slow traffic as
6:50 am
you make your way from oakland to hayward. this is the second accounts in the san mateo area. involving a big rig and motorcycle. third and northbound in san matero . expect delays in that area as well . northbound, an accident there and also in the southbound direction as you make your way down. check nothing with bart and muni and cal train. everybody is running on time. that is a great way to get around this morning . shot in san francisco overturned injury-accident. we don't have a live shot. there is an injury accident in ninth and brannone and take bryant instead if you are traveling in san francisco. >> thank you. >> ahead five thing to know before you go
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>> 6:52 . lich look outside. bay area. gorgeous sight to behold with the orange skies. we'll call it red and gold. >> i was thinking the same thing. i think i saw a 16 up there. it is media day in new orleans. reporters from all over the world will come face to face with the niners and ravens. >> our own katie is among the journalist covering the game in the big easy and the other type of sport as well eating, katie? >> [laughing]. in my book it is competitive. i have worked hard to make a dent in the breakfast and so i think i am going to get it to go. off to media day and i want to thank everyone at daisy dukes and the food is delicious. we are rooting for. that's right. i may never leave this spot. live in new orleans.
6:53 am
katie marzulo back to you in the studio. >> thank you, katie. >> we get ready to hand things off to good morning america. five things to know before you go. family of a walnut creek man shot to death by the police is suing the city and four officers involved. the family of 22 year old anthony danta is seeking 15 million in damages. investigators say banta was arm wide a knife when he charged at officers last month. >> number two, oakland police are planning a conference to discuss the shooting of an eight year old girl who is recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg. she was standing in front of a home when she was shot in a drive by. >> number three. san francisco restaurants and bars say the mayor suggestion is misguided. the city should avoid demonizing a legal product . the mayor wants to avoid the
6:54 am
alcohol-fueled vandalism that happened before. >> and marin supervisors will decide whether to ban wireless meters. opponents say they are dangerous. we are sorry this is not the picture that goes with it >> number 5, president obama travels to las vegas to lay out his vision of immigration reform. more effective way to verify a workers status and a path way to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. final check on your accu-weather forecast, mike. >> if you liked yesterday you will like today. we'll be warmer in san francisco and san jose . one degrees cooler in santa rosa. most of us in the low to mid-60s as we head into what is a spread of temperatures that is warmer than average. here in the coast it will be coolest and breezy. here sue. >> we'll go to a live shot of
6:55 am
ninth and branon. an injury accident involving a to youtruck and injuris and folks taken to the hospital. they were extraicated from the car. avoid this area if at all possible. we have metering lights on in the tollplasa and another serious problem in san raphael. but honorth 101 near third and san mateo. big rig and motorcycle accident as you make your way up northbound 101. avoid that area. trouble spot for your tuesday morning commute. >> and thank you very much. abc 7 news continues in 25 minute with weather and traffic with good morning. >> before we go we'll go back to daysy dukings, we can't get enough of niner spirit in the big easy.
6:56 am
follow the live reports and behind the scenes tweets with larry beil and mike shumman larry beil and mike shumman and katey ma (woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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good morning, america. this morning, going to extremes. the thermometer soars into summer across the east, just days after the deep freeze. the incredible seesaw has major
6:59 am
midwest cities on alert for tornadoes today with more snow right behind it. sam has the topsy-turvy forecast. 911 emergency on the hudson. we hear the harrowing tapes after a plane makes another dramatic crash-landing into icy river waters. >> i'm going to lose you. i'm gonna lose you. the water's freezing. >> you can hear the moment they lose the connection. how the pilot and passengers survived and were pulled to safety. fireworks in the breakup murder trial. lawyers for jodi arias launch her defense today. did she murder her ex to protect herself? or did she go after him in a jealous rage? and will she take the stand to fight for her life? ♪ and how refreshing. a brand-new version of one of the most famous commercials in the world is making a splash this morning. meet diet coke's new hunk, 18 years after lucky took center stage. is he on the verge of becoming the most famous man on the planet? we're goin


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